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1. What are the advantages of

When there are language barriers, or when you don’t know your exact position, an emergency call cannot be forwarded to local rescue services. In 30% of calls, this results in a significant delay of the rescue service’s arrival at the scene of the emergency. With, however, rescue workers can arrive up to several hours earlier.

2. Do I need international travel insurance?

Yes, because travel insurance coverage is often limited as soon as you travel abroad. It is for this reason that we inquire about your international travel insurance.

3. Does data roaming have to be enabled, in addition to GPS, while abroad?

In order to successfully send the emergency call and see your position on the map while abroad, you need a short-term data connection. Because a text message is sent in addition to the short email, the forwarding of the data is also possible without a data connection; the functionality of the app is, however, restricted. After successfully placing the emergency call, data roaming can be switched off.


4. How can I be sure that all necessary data has been transmitted?

The position indicated to you on the smartphone, on the app‘s map, will be transmitted to the control center. Following receipt of this information, the control center dispatcher will confirm that this information matches your position.

5. Where can I find an app with automatic traking for security purposes?

 In special security situations, people need continuously being traked. For this purpose special apps were designed in combination to a high security server to monitor the person. Please contact us under +49 7121 43366266 for more information.


6. Does WLAN have to be activated?

 Yes, because in, or near, buildings or locations with WLAN, the positioning is nearly as precise as with GPS.


7, Can geofencing be used?

Servers of companies like Arealcontrol or other providers allow to mark an area on the map that should not be passed (e.g. for patients with dementia). In case of passing, our alarm center will be informed and acts according to protocol.