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Background Information


1. Legal Background

The is an effective and low-cost way for employers to provide traveling employees with the protections outlined in § 618 BGB (German civil code, obligation to provide protective measures) and in occupational health and safety laws (ArbSchG § 3, § 4, § 9, § 10, § 13 and § 25).
Employee registration is anonymous; only the phone number is registered. The subscriber does have the option to enter his or her name into the app. Location data, and the name—if previously provided, will be transmitted to the control center only after the emergency button (SOS) has been pressed.


2. Scientific Background is being studied as part of a doctoral dissertation at the Frankfurt am Main university hospital. The aim of the study is to determine if the app offers medical advantages.
The current results can be summarized as follows:

  1. Positioning via GPS, WLAN and LBS (LBS stands for location based services; positions are established via cellular antennae.) is possible worldwide and, because of their precision, suitable for supporting local emergency calls.
  2. In the case of language barriers or unfamiliar locales, can significantly speed up response times. A faster response time means fewer fatalities among patients with life-threatening illnesses (multiple traumas, heart attack, etc.).

  3. Worldwide, the average time required to locate a patient when his or her position is unknown or language barriers exist is approximately nine hours.

  4. By transferring location data via an app, and by forwarding the information to local control centers, the response time can, on average, be reduced to less than 30 minutes.

  5. As soon as this data has been published, it will be made available here.