Schnelle Hilfe - weltweit
a brand of med con team

Case Studys


+++ Russia 6:42 local time +++

The 48-year-old manager of the local subsidiary of a German industrial company is travelling by car to a construction site in the Russian tundra when he suddenly feels a sharp pain in his chest. Persistent pain and shortness of breath force him to pull over.

Because the Russian emergency hotline operator speaks neither German nor English, the manager activates SOS-Call .eu on his cell phone. Immediately thereafter, the regional emergency services center was informed—in the local language—of the patient’s emergency and was sent a map indicating his exact location. Local paramedics quickly found the patient and brought him to hospital.


+++ In Northern Chile, 15:45 local time +++

A 38-year-old family man is on holiday pursuing his favorite hobby, paragliding.  During a landing he hits hard in difficult terrain. A piercing pain in his spine and a lack of feeling in his legs render him immobile. Unable to describe his location, he activates on his cellphone. Rescue services quickly received a map pinpointing his exact position, thanks to the GPS data sent from his phone.  In the shortest possible time, the injured man is found and brought to a trauma center.