Schnelle Hilfe - weltweit
a brand of med con team

Description of Services Provided

The med con team emergency control center is available around the clock (24/7/365). The service is currently only available for companies.
med con team forwards the data provided by the subscriber in the emergency call (or the information provided by the user of the subscribing mobile device) to the local emergency services control center.

The services offered by med con team:

1. Initial consultation, data collection and activation of services

•Detailed information about med con team’s emergency services.
•Storage of the mobile device’s SIM telephone number at the med con team control center.
•Activation of the subscribing mobile device with med con team.

2. Emergency Calls

•Emergency calls from inland and abroad are immediately received at the med con team control center, staffed 24 hours a day, and answered by qualified control center personnel.
•Detailed documentation of incoming emergency calls, including the cataloguing of all emergency calls and all initiated and relayed actions.
• In the case of an emergency call made via text message, the location data provided by the subscriber’s mobile service provider is relayed (insofar as technically possible, and provided that this information is available to the med con team).


Additional services—such as adapting the app to match a company’s corporate identity, or integrating further service such as the global positioning or mass evacuation of employees in the event of catastrophes or political upheaval—are offered at cost-efficient rates during initial service acquisition.