Schnelle Hilfe - weltweit
a brand of med con team

iOS App

The app has a window that indicates your current position on the map. GPS, WLAN and LBS positioning are already integrated for this purpose. The map feature serves to assure you that the correct location data is being transmitted.


The smartphone automatically detects the country in which you are currently located. As soon as the button ”call local emergency services“ is pressed, the emergency numbers for the local police, fire department, and rescue services (for the country you are currently located in) are shown. By pressing the corresponding button, you are put directly in touch with the appropriate local control center.

If you are unable to provide your exact position, or if you do not speak the local language, you can press "activate SOS call". Your position and cell number are then sent to the central control center. Simultaneously, voice communication is established in order to receive your emergency information.



Following the successful registration of your call, the SOS call button turns dark red.


Here you can find detailed installation instructions: Installation insctructions SOS-Call iOS (PDF)