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Recommended Apps

In order to be best prepared for medical situations and safety issues, we have tested and recommend the following apps.

Some of the apps listed here can be acquired at a reduced cost from the med con team, or even integrated into the app. Please contact us with any questions.

1. First Aid and Resuscitation
Free English-language app from the American Heart Association (Android):
Pocket First Aid & CPR
Hands-only CPR
This app assists with CPR and first aid according to the international guidelines of the American Heart Association. Corresponding first aid courses can be booked through med con team.

2. International Database of Certified Doctors and Hospitals
The English-language service mpassport offers comprehensive information about doctors and hospitals worldwide, as well as country-specific information. Entries are reviewed and updated regularly.

3. Global Text Message Alerts Regarding Acute Risks

Following the last major tsunami, A3M Mobile Personal Protection GmbH developed an early warning system that sends out current information via text message. This warning system can be integrated into the app and can filter messages according to your location. Get in touch with us to find out more about integrating this app.

4. Department of Foreign Affairs/State Department

The app "Travel Safe" ("Sicher Reisen") provides necessary safety and security information for every country.